If you are an old student or a NEW one and want to come to take a great YOGA class you will be allowed to buy our new online package from group-on. Also on our website a single class.  Its been wonderful taking classes with all our teachers and we hope to continue. Right now the teachers are teaching for FREE but if you would like to tip them please let us find a way. The cost of keeping up the space even though we are closed is enormous. But we feel the joy and comfort yoga brings right now is important and we believe in Karma YOGA!. SO please take a class online with our teachers. My hope is we can open the school soon, have 10 students in the school, and continue to live broadcasting so you can take classes at a great rate at home as well. If it pays to keep the school open we will try!
We are transforming lives and interacting with you!
ONLINE classes are reflected on our mind-body page of classes.
We set up ONLINE CLASSES with Zoom join Zoom for Free
Then Go to Our website and set up and account you will receive an email where to go Pay $7 per class or 50 unlimited for a month. Prices are low now but soon we will have to increase just to keep the school going.
$50 ONLINE class with a live teacher 2 times a day. UNLIMITED YOGA package and you are getting the same great value from our teachers.
Reserve your classes on our website click on classes it will bring you to Mindbody as soon as you pay for a class you will receive a text or email to our ZoomYogaRoom
– Download for free the ZOOM app on your computer, phone, or iPad.
– Log in to your Go to Http://www.shivashantiyoga.com and click on class schedule, go to ONLINE STORE TAB as you will usually to purchase a class and register yourself in the class you would like to take
– Select ONLINE ONE CLASS ZOOM as the paying option. ($7)
Select ONLINE Monthly for ($50)
– Go to the CLASSES tab and login yourself reserving the class you want to participate in. YOU MUST DO THIS!
Try to sign in for class the day before, we will send you a log in information via text or email to our ZOOM classroom just make sure we have your correct email or cell phone on your profile.
We kindly ask for you to be there 15 minutes before the class begins so the teacher can check you in.
You may use whatever current package you have as well.
As soon as class starts everyone will be muted, teachers will teach will be teaching from their homes as a safety precaution for them.
We will do our best to monitor your questions in the chat room, but please register the night before. once class begins it’s not easy to ask questions we will try to have a modifier in the chat room to help you but its not easy best to learn the set up early.
Thank You and WE LOVE seeing your beautiful faces in class.
With Love and Respect,
Shivadasi and our Staff

We Need Your Support!
If you can support the school in any way please help us reach our goal to pay ongoing expenses for maintaining the school.


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