300 Hour Training Program at Shiva Shanti YogaContinuing Education for Yoga Teachers E-RYT

The Benefit of joining Shiva Shanti Yoga Teacher Training is, you will be working with a school, teacher and system to grow together in education in a noncompetitive environment. We will remove animosity and study with a group of serious and like minded yoga teachers. We will support each other and value each others path as teachers, healers and community leaders.

  1. The Advanced Training is a 300 Hour Program, designed by Felise Berman for Shiva Shanti Yoga School. (all rights reserved)
  2. The Advanced Training will cost a total of $4000 paid upfront or ($4500 if Paid in increments) plus materials assigned for Modules (cost of printing and text).
  3. The modules will run consecutively (ONE YEAR) Two weekends a month for 12-6 Saturday and Sunday 10-6.
  4. Each graduating class can join as the next module begins.
  5. Teachers whom have graduated from any 200 RYT can apply.
  6. If you miss a module you can make it up when it comes around again.
  7. Payment will be made for each module as you take it and will be recorded toward your E-RYT and certification.
  8. In order to get your E-RYT from Shiva Shanti Yoga you must finish all modules and get a passing grade.
  9. Absenteeism on habitual basis is grounds for being expelled from program
  10. Weekends are in increments of 14 Hours 12-6 Saturday and Sunday 10-6
  11. Syllabus breakdown to be given at the start of each module.

E-RYT Outline

Syllabus and Modules Depth Hours Weekends
Teaching Safe Classes
Beginner and Intermediate- Papers Due on Advanced Asana
56 Hours
4 weekends
Philosophy Ethics and lifestyle
Energy & Transmission, Chakra Manual, Kleshas, Koshas & Sutra
56 Hours
4 weekends
Anatomy and Physiology
Biology and Anatomy of Movement
30 Hours
3 Weekends
Assist and Adjust
Improve your skills for assisting students and privates
30 Hours
3 Weekends
Teaching Classes that make sense and feel good thought out
40 Hours
3 Weekends
Mantra, Kirtan and Voice
Vedic Chanting, Kirtan Singing, and Voice Projection
14 Hours
1 Weekend
Using Props for all body types and ages
14 Hours
1 Weekend
Meditation Yoga Nidra & Pranayama
Teaching Mediation and Yoga Nidra
28 Hours
2 Weekends
Dharma Talks
Quoting great works in-depth look at the greatest works of Yoga
14 Hours
1 Weekend
Special Population
Adapting Open class for a variety of populations
14 Hours
1 Weekend
Group Study, Critic & Collaborate
Working together, teamwork and conscious critiquing.
14 Hours
1 Weekend
Research Paper
Complete to Graduate
4 Hours
Own Time
Graduation Ceremony
Receive Certification 300 E-RYT
300 Hours