To participate in Any Shiva Shanti Yoga Classes, Workshops, Teacher Training, or Virtual Classes you must send an email with your request at least one day prior to joining a class. You can PayPal or Email Us for our Venmo. Then You will get a Zoom Link for Virtual or Location address. All classes must be paid for in advance.
Private Yoga In-Person or Virtual with Shivadasi


Corporate/Group Yoga Classes (online or In-Person)

$150 PAY HERE with Shivadasi

Email all questions to

Book a private yoga class with: There are many benefits to taking a private yoga lesson. Unlike a regular yoga class, in a private yoga class, you work one-on-one with an experienced instructor. Many people looking to begin a yoga practice may feel out of place in a group class. A private yoga class is great at all levels. Working one on one with a seasoned Yoga Teacher can really elevate your practice and intention. Private Yoga instruction is individualized. As a result, the instructor can help the client make and attain specific goals with therapeutic benefits. In a private lesson, you can focus on personal interests, concerns, and goals. The yoga instructor can modify the poses to best suit your ability or accommodate injuries or disabilities. For a Private with Felise please email

General Rules:  FOR Virtual Yoga You must have a Zoom Account

Register for Classes the Night Before.

Check Email for Link to Class to class on Zoom

Make sure we have your correct Email.

Make sure your camera is ON!

Get Your own props for your HOME practice.