Welcome to Shiva Shanti Yoga School
Updated October 2020
We are back and we missed you!
These past 6 months have been challenging for everyone, and we hope that you are all safe and healthy amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
We feel extremely fortunate to be able to welcome our customers back on Sunday at 10:00 AM all other classes are still online until we have confirmation about safety.  As the state of this public health emergency changes from day to day, we will remain focused on keeping our teachers and our customers safe, healthy, and informed. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 201.531-YOGA. Leave a message and we will call you back.
Face Covering

Everyone MUST wear a MASK PLEASE at all times in school. We want to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Don’t have a mask? No problem! Call us ahead of time and we’ll bring one to the door for you, each mask is $2.

Please wear a mask
Practice social distancing, PLEASE!
Please remember to stay a safe distance (at least 6 feet) from other customers. Let’s all be as safe as possible.
We have marked spaces for your YOGA mat. You must bring all your own props.
Social Distancing
UPDATES October 7th, 2020
10:AM Sunday LIVE YOGA with Felise $25 per student in person only 6 Students allowed with masks, props, and mat. You can also join the class from home by going to our website online the night before the class. If you come to the school you must sign a COVID waiver, get to class early, and leave your extra things in the car. You will need your mat and props.

We have been teaching online daily classes since the start of COVID and your support is now needed more than ever….. Our heartbeat depends on you!  We have classes every day online! Update your account and email address, pay and you will receive an email to take a class on Zoom from many of our great teachers. All minors 14-18 must bring a parent to sign for them.

Come to the school on Sundays “LIVE “yoga class format with Felise also take the same class online broadcasting from the school.

COVID Precautions -UV lights, deep cleaners, masks, hand sanitizer, no shoes in school, we take your temperature and you must sign COVID waiver to take a class with Felise on Sundays.

Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers: Yoga Alliance Provider Felise Berman E-RYT.

Chakra Workshop with Felise November 1st, 2020 1–4  $85 – Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers, 6 People in person
Surya Namaskar and Chandra Namaskar Sunday, November 29th 2020-1-4 $85 Variations for all levels with Props and Bija Mantras. 6 People in person.
Yoga Teacher Training 2020 – January 6 Months (every other weekend).

PRIVATE YOGA in person Tues and Thurs 12-4 ONE on ONE. Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Mantra, Yoga, Readings, Intuitive Spiritual Guidance, and Philosophy. Please call to book an appointment at 201.531.YOGA.

Your support is needed please BUY CLASSES!
Felise Berman (Shivadasi)
Support our: GO FUND ME PAGE
(due to COVID 19)
Join our ONLINE classes by going to our website http://www.shivahantiyoga.com, then go to classes on our mindbody page of classes.  Pick the ONLINE CLASSES you want to attend, with Zoom and to Pay $10 per class online mindbody page of classes for yoga.
We also offer a $70 ONLINE one-month unlimited class with our live certified Shiva Shanti Yoga Teacher daily. Reserve your class THE night before at our ONLINE STORE to purchase a class and register yourself in the class you would like to take.  Select ONLINE ONE CLASS using ZOOM the paying option. ($10) or Select ONLINE (Unlimited) Monthly for ($70). Reserve the class you want to participate in. YOU MUST DO THIS! To Come to class.
We will send you a log in information via email so sign u the night before to avoid any issues with spam, to our Yoga ZOOM Room PLEASE make sure we have your correct email or cell phone number on your profile. If we do not you will not receive your invitation, check your spam folder. WE kindly ask you to be there 15 minutes before the class begins, so the teacher can check you in. You may use whatever current package you for all ONLINE classes. As soon as the class starts everyone will be muted, teachers will teach from their homes as SEVA.  We will do our best to monitor your questions in the chat room, but please get there early, once class begins it’s not easy to ask questions as you will be muted. Stay after class to ask any questions. Please tell your friends around the world. Thank You and WE  LOVE seeing your beautiful faces in class and online. If you can support the school in any way (DONATIONS) please help us reach the goal to pay for ongoing costs of maintaining the school.



Study the Sacred Art, Science, and Philosophy of Yoga at Shiva Shanti Yoga School

Shiva Shanti Yoga School provides an Educational Center for Yogic Studies and Spiritual Growth in Rutherford New Jersey. Shiva Shanti Yoga is dedicated to teaching the sacred, study, art, science, and philosophy of Yoga, as taught in the ancient texts. We offer a variety of classes, from beginner to advanced.  We are pleased to host inspirational and educational workshops that offer depth and insight. We bring highly skilled teachers and workshops that support your sojourn toward inner peace through Yoga, please join our sacred space and grow with us! Become a yoga teacher and change your life! Sign up for our Signature Teacher Training Program; the Next training begins in January. Ask for an application TODAY.

At Shiva Shanti Yoga, we focus on the practice of asana with a flow (vinyasa), philosophy, deep breathing, restorative yoga, meditation, and mantra; to enhance one’s health and wellbeing. Classes are paced, systematic, and provide a foundation for understanding the many branches of yoga. In our classes the duration that you are engaged in asana varies; heat can be generated from within when practicing a dynamic asana or a flowing sequence. In some classes you may be encouraged to relax in a pose or dynamically embrace a pose for an extended period, always our classes are created to flow intelligently. Each class begins by chanting the eternal sound of OM, followed by a dharma talk, a brief physical warm-up, sun salutations, infused with music, anatomy integration, structural alignment, flexibility, range of motion and graceful transitions. You will be taught how to use props and be guided in a safe and thoughtful asana class.

Classes include standing poses, backbends, forward bends, hip openers, twisting, inversions, Shavasana, meditation, and mantra. Our classes are designed to join the mind, body, and spirit. The temperature is balanced for safety and never overheated.  All Shiva Shanti Yoga Teachers are interested in the deep historical and philosophical study of the ancient practice of yoga.  We invite and encourage people of every background, shape, size, gender, and color to join us.  Shiva means transformation (by dissolving our old ways of thinking and being), and Shanti means peace, we happily promote unity and peace among all beings.  Shiva Shanti Yoga is committed to providing an atmosphere where the ancient texts of yoga can be taught, understood, explored, while in a safe and compassionate environment. “I believe your practice must be thoughtful, joyful, devotional, graceful, calming, challenging, enlightening, and steady.”

Felise Berman Founder Shiva Shanti Yoga.