As the director of Shiva Shanti Yoga, I feel all the teachers I train must imbibe these ideas.

Kindness – Kindness is the best quality for any teacher.
Integrity –We implement a high moral and ethical code in all our affairs.
Humility – All teachers understand they are there to serve.
Empathy – We do our best to listen to our student’s needs.
Compassion – All students are created equal there is NO judgment on race, religion, gender, shape, size or sexual orientation.
Devotion – We are a group of people committed to Yoga as a great practice of science, spirituality, and art.
Skill – We continue our dedication to continually grow, learn and study.
Perseverance – Time is the key to evolution, we have dedicated our lives to this path.
Knowledge – Reading the ancient text and the newest information on the forefront of yoga, health, and healing.
Dedication – We dedicate our efforts to a higher principal and an awareness that we are all endowed with divine qualities, and we seek to emanate that divinity in our work
Self Care – We are dedicated to caring for ourselves as we understand when caring for Self we are better able to support our students.

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