No Mud- No Lotus

No Mud- No Lotus

 No Mud- No Lotus

By Felise Berman August 17th, 2018

Nam Myho Renge Kyo

I have been seeking advice from the elders my (mentors) to understand some reoccurring painful events. The question I ask is, why do I allow people into my life that betray or hurt me? I have done this in relationships personally and professionally. It always leaves me feeling exhausted and wounded.


I have been advised to practice and affirm my SELF ESTEEM while chanting every day; so while I chant I affirm “I am a person of unlimited self-esteem and appreciate my life, including my flaws, accomplishments, defeats, losses, victories, all that I have created and I appreciate my talents.”


After a few hours of deep chanting with a single pointed focus on Self Esteem, my innate wisdom begins to crown and shine, showing me, in my mind’s eye, I begin to see a Lotus Flower, of course, I question it, should I ignore this or move past the vision? Do not be swayed, then I allow myself to follow the thought; and I am introduced to a divine insight.


Those who have disappointed me and hurt my heart are necessary for my growth. They are the MUD in my life; the Lotus flower blooms most beautifully in murky, dark, muddy water, in fact, it uses the MUD to grow.


The flower once it awakens from the dark murky water and opens its petals; a beauty is bestowed upon the world, untainted by the MUD. I know, I AM the flower, NOT the MUD, but I am grateful for the mud, because it pushes me closer to understanding who I am.


Then I look to the sun and bloom, from the muck and mire; I rise and from all the gossip and pettiness, I RISE!


People try to put me down; and it would often paralyze me with self-loathing. But today I find a new perspective, just from a sincere spiritual practice with amazing mentors and teachers who inspire me and guide me.


The moral of the story, chant like a warrior to remind Self we are unlimited when it comes to high Self-esteem and I appreciate everything.


The MUD will always be there because it helps ME grow and it is a part of the source however I am the LOTUS, untainted by the dirt that tries to cling to me and hold me back from the light.


THE MUD is every man who told me I was not lovable and every person who did something cruel and hurtful to me after I poured my heart into their growth.


If you find it necessary to hurt me, then you have now been categorized as a part of the MUD, and I see gratitude, instead of malice.

Om Mani Padme Hum


About the Author:

Felise (Shivadasi) Berman, E-RYT Director and Founder of Shiva Shanti Yoga School. Felise Berman (Shivadasi) is an intuitive yogini, sensitive, and a well-trained teacher. She brings years of personal experience in the field of yoga, holistic studies, innovative thinking and metaphysical teaching. By trusting her intuitive abilities and her in-depth training, she has offered loving guidance and yogic teaching to people around the world. If you visit her class or studio, you can see her love for her work and students as she teaches people from every country and every religious background. Shivadasi teaches Yoga Asana classes in a Vinyasa style and places a strong emphasis on the educational and historical aspects of yoga and the ancient teaching. Classes include music, spoken word, asana sequencing, yogic breathing, and meditation. Shivadasi's commitment to continuing her personal studies and growth is unfaltering, as is her strong belief in practicing a yogic lifestyle. She lives her life truthfully and with deep integrity; always placing a priority on divine service. Felise Berman was in High School when she took her first yoga class. The year was 1981, and the yoga class was offered as an adjunct to the physical education curriculum at her High School. She was immediately taken by the creative connection sparked within her and the mind-body-spiritual concept that would later become her life's passion. Soon following, Felise was introduced to Buddhism by a ballet teacher, and she practiced Buddhism diligently for the ensuing seven years. Felise spent 15 years from 1985-2000 touring and working as a dancer, singer, and musician, during which time the seeds planted within her began to grow. In between tours, Felise met the founder of Starseed Yoga, Jyoti Chrystal, the first yogini and shaman to inspire her to explore yoga. Jyoti also employed Felise to work in the office of her yoga studio as Felise began to move away from the performing arts and immerse herself deeper into spiritual and metaphysical studies. In 1992 Felise was teaching and lecturing on metaphysical principles as well as the study of the mind and intuition. Jean Munzer, the president of the Metaphysical Society, encouraged her to become the program director for the New Jersey Metaphysical Society this included arranging all the guest speakers for lectures at William Paterson College. In 2001 Felise graduated from the One Year Jivamukti Teacher Training in New York City, a time to which she offers gratitude to all her teachers. In 2003 Felise became an Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher at the encouragement of Sharon Gannon and a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT. In 2005 Felise Berman received the name Shivadasi and accomplished one of her greatest dreams as she traveled to India on a fellowship from the NOK Foundation. Her time of study and discipline was rewarded when she graduated from Bihar Yoga Bharati Institute for Advanced Studies in Munger, India. Bihar Yoga Bharati is the first university of its kind to impart a comprehensive Yogic education, and Bihar Yoga Bharati offers complete, academics, yogic education, and training in the traditional Gurukul or ashram environment. On January 28th, 2006 she received Mantra Diksha from Paramahansa Niranjanananda Saraswati in Munger India a truly ceremonial moment with Swamiji. As Felise studied and disciplined her life with the very core teachings of Yoga, she also found herself fulfilling a broader vision that was rapidly progressing and she was involved in the implementation of Bally Total Fitness Yoga with a team of other creative forces she has also been a Master Yoga Instructor for Bally's Sports Club. The next logical step leads Felise-Shivadasi to lovingly manage the yoga studio of her beloved Master teacher and friend where she eventfully purchased Starseed Yoga with an SBA-approved loan and thus began the vision of Shiva Shanti Yoga School in Rutherford, New Jersey in 2008. In her usual innovative style, Shivadasi released her first Yoga CD- Level 2 - Series 1 you can now purchase this on ITunes. Felise Berman