Happy New Year Friends of Shiva Shanti Yoga School!

Shiva Shanti Yoga is Virtual for 2021. I am contemplating opening a space that can hold enough students and socially distance during live classes soon and If we reopen a space that will be more practical for all ages, no stairs and lots of parking. I would like to be able to serve healthy food and retail items that support your sojourn and spiritual lifestyle.

Since the start of Covid, we have been offering amazing virtual classes daily, the classes are small, live interaction with our teachers, and all teachers are sincere, focused, and dedicated to continuing to teach during these difficult times, WE are here to support your practice and inspire you daily.

With the New Year, I bring you a new vision. A school that has no borders that can virtually teach to a Global community. Our 2021 Teacher Training program will begin when the time is right, and we are interviewing those whom wish to become yoga teachers or deepen their practice.

If you would like to learn to teach yoga, our program is being reconfigured to conform to our new reality “virtual teaching”, but we continue to maintain the ideal authentic transmission of yoga teaching from teacher to student. Please contact us for an application for our Next Yoga Teacher Training Program, email us if you are interested at info@shivashantiyoga.com.

This year I dedicate all my efforts to overcome obstacles and create a Sankalpa based on peace, health, and prosperity for all. This year sincerely bring Mantras into your yoga practice and move forward with an expanded vision of what practicing yoga really is. To do that start by adding mantras to the yoga mat before each asana class and end with a mantra, the same one. Do your best to imbibe and learn mantras in your mind, heart, and soul. The ancient language of Yoga is Sanskrit, it is powerful and vibratory when chanting one emits a charged energy field that moves through time and space.

I hope to see many of you back on your yoga mat. I am accessible and always available for you. Perhaps you want to work with me privately? Now for the first time in many years of teaching, I am taking on a small number of private students. My growth never stops and those dedicated to yoga who have studied with me can use this time, to dive deeper into a yogic lifestyle in a way you never thought possible.

By learning yoga one on one with me, the founder of Shiva Shanti Yoga School but also with any of our teachers. We are all here to work with groups, privates, and corporate classes.

Yoga is Needed in the World!

Om Gam Ganapataye

(Translation: “Salutations to the remover of obstacles.”)

What looks like an obstacle today could very well be your best teacher!

Namaste Shivadasi (Felise)