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Best of Bergen 2013-2018

  Thank You for those of you who took the time to vote for us in Best of Bergen 201 Magazine, runner up 2013, 2014 2016, 2017 2018.

Study the Sacred Art, Science, and Philosophy of Yoga at Shiva Shanti Yoga School

Shiva Shanti Yoga School provides an Educational Center for Yogic Studies and Spiritual Growth in Rutherford New Jersey. Shiva Shanti Yoga is dedicated to teaching the sacred, study, art, science and philosophy of Yoga, as taught in the ancient texts. We offer a variety of classes, from beginner to advanced.  We are pleased to host inspirational and educational workshops that offer depth and insight. We bring highly skilled teachers and workshops that support your sojourn toward inner peace through Yoga, please join our sacred space and grow with us! Become a yoga teacher and change your life! Sign up for our Signature Teacher Training Program; Next training begins in January. Ask for an application TODAY.

At Shiva Shanti Yoga, we focus on the practice of asana with a flow (vinyasa), philosophy, deep breathing, restorative yoga, meditation, and mantra; to enhance one’s health and wellbeing. Classes are paced, systematic and provide a foundation for understanding the many branches of yoga. In our classes the duration that you are engaged in asana varies; heat can be generated from within when practicing a dynamic asana or a flowing sequence. In some classes you may be encouraged to relax in a pose or dynamically embrace a pose for an extended period, always our classes are created to flow intelligently. Each class begins by chanting the eternal sound of OM, followed by a dharma talk, a brief physical warm up, sun salutations, infused with music, anatomy integration, structural alignment, flexibility, range of motion and graceful transitions. You will be taught how to use props and be guided in a safe and thoughtful asana class.

Classes include standing poses, back bends, forward bends, hip openers, twisting, inversions, shavasana, meditation, and mantra. Our classes are designed to join mind, body, and spirit. The temperature is balanced for safety and never over heated.  All Shiva Shanti Yoga Teachers are interested in the deep historical and philosophical study of the ancient practice of yoga.  We invite and encourage people of every background, shape, size, gender, and color to join us.  Shiva means transformation (by dissolving our old ways of thinking and being), and Shanti means peace, we happily promote unity and peace among all beings.  Shiva Shanti Yoga is committed to providing an atmosphere where the ancient texts of yoga can be taught, understood, explored, while in a safe and compassionate environment. “I believe your practice must be thoughtful, joyful, devotional, graceful, calming, challenging, enlightening and steady.” Felise Berman Founder Shiva Shanti Yoga.

There is a small dog here 7lbs (Pure Breed Poodle) Hypoallergenic who is a part of our community and will be at the school when the owner is there. We practice Ahimsa! Buddha Thanks, You in advance for your support. (the furry one). He is a REGISTERED Therapy Dog, Emotional Support Dog, and a K9 Good Citizen.

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Free Yoga in the Park

Free Yoga in the Park 2018 Rutherford NJ Begins July 7th 8:00 AM.

Hutzel Memorial Bandshell In Lincoln Park, Rutherford, NJ
8:00 AM Saturday, July 7 Felise, Saturday, July 14 Theresa, Saturday, July 21 James, Saturday, July 28 Helen,
Saturday, August 4 Kristy, Saturday, August 11 Caitlyn

Join the residents of Rutherford and surrounding towns for Free yoga classes in the Park. We hope to inspire everyone to practice and enjoy yoga in our beautiful park, its Free and gives our community the opportunity to gather and practice in a supportive environment. Not everyone is down the shore, Every Summer the Mayor and Shiva Shanti Yoga sponsor FREE Yoga in the park. It’s a hit with our residents who love to be out early on a Saturday during the summer. Many have enjoyed amazing free summer yoga classes Shiva Shanti Yoga in Rutherford, NJ is a top-notch yoga studio with a complete class schedule that runs seven days a week, and a talented group of motivated teachers that are genuinely caring and highly skilled in Vinyasa flow and the full range of yoga asanas. Please join Shiva Shanti Yoga teachers for a Vinyasa Class with music.

With the Support of the Rutherford Recreation Center and Shiva Shanti Yoga School, yoga classes were offered outdoors in front of the Bandshell. Shiva Shanti Yoga School is happy to announce they will be offering “Free Yoga in the Park” again in 2018. They recommend arriving 15 minutes before settling in. Bring your yoga mat and water. Many residents have already benefited from yoga classes at Shiva Shanti Yoga School, as the school has been serving the community since 2008. Shiva Shanti Yoga is dedicated to teaching the authentic study of Yoga. Yoga is most known for promoting health and vitality. Practicing yoga outdoors, in nature, has an added calming effect. Join their teachers for Yoga outdoors, on the grass with the birds chirping, feel the gentle summer breeze and join the neighborhood yogis in an easy summer get together. They focus on serving their community and creating free summer events with an emphasis on service.

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